What Sustains a Gospel Movement?

04 September, 2013



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This is a short video I did with Christianity Today about the church’s context here in Portland. Knowing our context helps answer the question, “in my city, what sustains a Gospel movement?”.


*this video originally appeared on christianitytoday.com

2 Responses to “What Sustains a Gospel Movement?”

  1. Bruce Van Sickle

    Greetings Pastor Rick,

    My name is Bruce Van Sickle, born and raised in Longview, Washington. A graduate of Seattle Pacific University. And most importantly for you – a first cousin to Scott Mitchell to whom you dedicated “Jesus in the Margins”. I just finished the book. I need to talk with you and/or spend some time with you in the next year if possible. I am applying for a sabbatical. I am the Associate Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Green Valley, Arizona. I have been a church planting pastor and an associate pastor for 33 years and never had a sabbatical – but reading Jesus in the Margins has taught me even more how much I need an extended break. Thank you for writing the book and for taking me on a journey that could have been my own in so many ways. Tough memories – great grace and forgiveness in Yeshua, Messiah. I am planning the first part of my Sabbatical in the Northwest and that would be most of the month of June. If we could work out a time to meet and talk I would be grateful. June 9- about June 30 – we would be “in the area”. I would love to come to your church. I also know Brooke Perry who I believe helps out a lot with the Roosevelt Project. I need to see how the Body of Christ is working in Portland and your short video here has caused me to want to explore this even more.
    Blessings to you in your recovery. If I understand correctly, you have had back surgery in recent months. May the Great Physician bring swift healing to your body.
    Thank you for takign the time to read this. I think we have such kindred souls and you are doing a lot of what I think I should be doing here. Just need to get it together at some point. Thanks again for putting this out there for us to hear and see. I have learned a lot about myself and where I need to be headed in the future by God’s grace and guidance.
    Blessings brother,
    Bruce Van Sickle


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