The Answer to Our Cry

27 October, 2014

My new book comes out November 4th, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I wrote this book because I wanted to find freedom in the love of God. It gave me an excuse to chase that down. I always find it easier to serve Jesus rather than love Him. I think a lot of people are like that. The Bible makes it really clear that loving God needs to be our top priority. But it’s hard to love God if underneath it all you’re not really sure he is good, kind and compassionate. A God who is cosmic force hiding behind Jesus is not very easy to love, let alone like. I wrote this book to discover for myself that God is and always has been a loving Father, a generous Son and a beautifying Spirit. That’s a God I like a lot and find easy to love.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Answer to our cry

2 Responses to “The Answer to Our Cry”

  1. Linda Keller

    Rick, my husband and I are so appreciative of your candid honesty about your daughter in chapter 4 “Being the Beloved”. It was amazing to hear your story (challenges and blessings) about being a parent of a child with high functioning autism. We too have a son, 29 years old, who was diagnosed with high functioning autism at a young age. He continues to struggle with employment and relationship issues. He lives with us and maybe with us for some time. I have to say that church leadership rarely talks about or understands what it is like to parent a child with special needs. It is so encouraging to know that you have grappled with this and you “get it”. Like you, I have often said that God gave us with our special needs son so we can experience his love and grace in incredible ways. As you put it so beautifully, our children can show us that being fully alive starts with being loved. Often times he has struggled with “feeling loved” having experienced many hurtful and painful events (e.g. victim of a crime at a young age when an older child predator took advantage of his uniqueness). Wish we could change the evilness of the world that attacks children like our son and your daughter. Painful stuff. Over the years our son’s insight and courage has bowled us over. God has been and is at work. He loves our son as one of his “Beloved”, which gives such great comfort. We do not know the outcome or his future (we won’t be in these aging bodies forever). But, we know God will provide and continue to love him even when we have passed onto our heavenly home. Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing your personal story. It means a lot to other parents who parent children with disability. Such honesty, humbleness, support, and encouragement, allows us to experience God’s grace and assurance of ‘being beloved”.

  2. Ruben J. Alvarado

    I’ve really enjoyed your book. I recently had surgery. I read your book each day as the surgery approached. It provided much needed positivity. The title, the subheadings, and the art contributed to an intriguing prospect to investigate. The freedom you presented was not what I initially expected, but quickly recognized it as the freedom I had always yearned for. I discovered the Lord who loves us deeply and is willing to set us free if we receive his love. I also enjoyed your personal encounters and how you responded to them. You displayed a God who loves us and instills a freedom in us to love him for he is kind and compassionate. Thanks Rick.


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