Journey to Freedom: 6-Week Interactive Study of The Answer To Our Cry

21 January, 2015

I invite you to join me as we engage my latest book, The Answer To Our Cry, through an interactive study and discussion. This 6-week study is designed for individuals and small groups to interact with me and with other readers as they progress through the book.

The study will follow this format:

  • We will cover 2 chapters each week beginning February 2, 2015.
  • A new chapter will be posted on Monday and Thursday of each week.
  • Each discussion will begin with a brief post about material from that chapter, followed by questions from The Answer To Our Cry Study Guide.
  • You and I will then engage those questions in the comment section.

I’m looking forward to discussing my book with you and journeying together on our path to freedom: The freedom to live fully, love boldly and fear nothing. 


Answer to our cry quote for blog

12 Responses to “Journey to Freedom: 6-Week Interactive Study of The Answer To Our Cry”

  1. Laura

    I’d love to join too Rick…I’ve started the book and this’ll be a great way to finish up.

  2. Rick McKinley

    The study starts today! Check out the first post on the front page of the blog.

  3. Cheri'

    I’m reading your book right now and would love to be a part of this. Is there a cost? Is it at your church or online?

    • Rick McKinley

      Happy you’re joining us Cheri’.
      The study takes place right here on the blog and there is no cost.

  4. Don Woodward

    This sounds awesome, Rick. I have the book, but have not started it yet. I will begin on Feb 2nd and go through it with this group. Count me in. Where do I start? – Don


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