Hope In An Undiscovered Future

04 March, 2015

Here is a video where I talk about finding hope in the midst of pain, particularly as we have walked with my daughter through her disability. If you know anyone in the midst of a tough place, please pass this along to them. Hope it brings you some hope in the King today.

This Video was created by The Work of the People; an independent ecumenical platform that produces and publishes multimedia to stir imagination, spark discussion and move people toward discovery and transformation. Check out their website and other videos.

7 Responses to “Hope In An Undiscovered Future”

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your hurts and your truth. I am currently doing a 30 week Healing Journey class from Healing Light Ministries. It has been painful, hard, and uncomfortable digging into trauma and things from my past (and current) as a way to try to bring me closer to the original purpose God had for me before others (and myself) took me so off track. I pray for you and your daughter. I know what it’s like to be in that desperate place, and have my deepest hurt be exposed and raw (I’m in it now), but I have to believe that God can heal me from my (and your) wounds. After all, Jesus was in the business of healing. Peace to you.

  2. Michelle M Theisen

    My heart is moved and truly tutored by your heart and journey shared through your words in the video, Rick… To not be enmeshed and projecting your (our) feelings on Kaylee (others) but rather to live out your (our) own identity and definition, non-anxious for Kaylee (the one we are with)…seeking to recognize, acknowledge, hear Kaylee’s (their) voice…the voice of loud reality and hear Kaylee (them) preach what is most important in life. To come to learn that God isn’t worried about preserving our comfort…learning we don’t grow out of our comfort. Understanding chronic grief may not be resolved but discovering hope in an undiscovered future…Thank you so much for being so transparent and honest with how God answers some questions but not others.

  3. Jamie Worley

    Spoken truly from a place of deep suffering. It’s refreshing to hear someone who has not only suffered greatly, but has contemplated the difficult spiritual questions about God in the midst of it. Someone who has silently screamed at God into their pillow because anguish has no words? A Jesus perspective is more clear in the midst of suffering than any other state a person can experience. Thanks Rick, I needed that this morning. Galatians 2:20

  4. John

    Your video is honest, refreshing and oddly hopeful. Mental health is so difficult. There is no fixing things. There is only God in the one day at a time.

  5. Ruben J. Alvarado

    A very touching video. I really related to trying to pay God back for being such an unworthy person. I really related to ever achieving complete surrender. It’s hard to give up control. It’s not easy letting God take the steering wheel. The bus metaphor was something that I could understand in my journey. It is difficult to live the life I know God wants me to live,also. Your fatherly love for your daughter’s situation is very touching and admirable. Your hope in an undiscovered future does require a lot of faith in the goodness of a loving God. Your belief in knowing that God has this is hopeful and inspiring to me. I feel your broken heart concerning your daughter but I pray that your trust in her undiscovered hope will provide you with the freedom to boldly face that future. One thing I know, she has found love. The love of such a loving father and family.


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