Why I Wrote Faith for This Moment

18 September, 2018

Faith for this Moment is actually a book that has been 19 years in the making. It is the result of planting a church in a proudly progressive city, Portland, Oregon, and continually asking the question, “How can the church…

Hope In An Undiscovered Future

04 March, 2015

Here is a video where I talk about finding hope in the midst of pain, particularly as we have walked with my daughter through her disability. If you know anyone in the midst of a tough place, please pass this along to…

The Answer to Our Cry

27 October, 2014
The Answer to Our Cry

My new book comes out November 4th, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I wrote this book because I wanted to find freedom in the love of God. It gave me an excuse to chase that down….

A Kingdom Called Desire

12 December, 2012
Kingdom Call Desire -v- McKinley

Confronted by the Love of a Risen King Living out of a place of authentic desire is central to living in the Kingdom of God. Our innermost desires shape our experience of following Jesus. A Kingdom Called Desire will help…

Jesus in the Margins

12 November, 2012
Jesus In the Margins - Rick McKinley

Finding God in the Places We Ignore Jesus is our ultimate model for finding identity, acceptance, and legitimacy from the Father. As we pull back the curtain on His life, we discover that Jesus knows what it’s like to be…

Advent Conspiracy

12 November, 2012
Advent Conspiracy - Rick McKinley

Can Christmas Still Change the World?    Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on material items at Christmas. That is a pretty weird way to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who gave up all of his riches to save…