27 September, 2013
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If you were free to use your imagination and creativity to display the Kingdom of God, what would you do? This is a short clip of a message I gave at the Q Conference  about imagination and using our creative gifts….

An Ecstatic God

20 September, 2013

I’ve been reading The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son, and Spirit  by Michael Reeves. I’m really liking this book, and  want to share an excerpt with you. This section called, “It’s all Greek to me”, provides some insight into who God…

Churches Planting Churches

16 September, 2013

When Imago Dei first got off the ground, I met a man named David Nicholas who had started a church in Boca Raton, Florida called Spanish River Community Church. David had this vision for planting churches because he loved seeing…

Compelled by Love

06 September, 2013

On September 15th I’m starting a new series at Imago Dei called Compelled by Love based on the text in 2Corinthians 5 where Paul explains his ministry as being driven by the love of Christ. The scriptures always call us…

What Sustains a Gospel Movement?

04 September, 2013
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      This is a short video I did with Christianity Today about the church’s context here in Portland. Knowing our context helps answer the question, “in my city, what sustains a Gospel movement?”.   *this video originally appeared…

Unwanted Time with God

30 August, 2013
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I spent the summer recovering from back surgery. What I thought would only take a couple weeks is turning into a couple of months, and after awhile it can get pretty discouraging, and sometimes you start to wonder if there…

The Restorer-Minded Church

22 August, 2013
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Does God use the city to save the church? Here’s a video where I share a few ways I think He does.     This talk was originally given at Q Conference 2011 in Portland, OR. Learn more about Q…

The Gospel and the Kingdom, part 2

19 August, 2013
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Part 1 of this article was posted on August 17, 2013. To the degree that the conservative church abandons the tactile expression of God’s reign to the least in our communities, they compromise their ability to proclaim a viable Savior…